Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Jacket: Mango, Jeans: Marks&Spencer, Sandals: Next, Vest: Topshop, Clutch: Zara, Necklace: H&M

Just to clarify for those less-warped-than-I individuals who don't watch unhealthy amounts of TV crime drama, the title's funny/mildly amusing coz it sounds like 'prime suspect', and I'm wearing primary colours. Hilarious. And also to clarify, yes that is me in the photos wearing ABSOLUTELY NO BLACK - I know, it's an Easter miracle!

I've mentioned before that I'm a bit of a slut for black clothes (i.e. I just throw myself at them) - but, apparently, funeral-procession-chic isn't very Summery. And also, without trying to sound too much like a frustrated parent trying to make their kid eat broccoli, it's GOOD TO TRY NEW THINGS. So I guess what I'm telling you here is that this outfit is my equivalent of trying broccoli  - it's me moving away from a black garment mono-diet and tasting something a little more colourful.

First of our PRIMARY SUSPECTS (harhar) is this canary coloured Zara clutch bag, charged with being unashamedly fun - to the point where it actually has the words 'have fun' emblazoned on it. But hey, who needs subtlety? It's also my nod to the ongoing slogan craze/logomania - Jeremy Scott for Moschino, I'm looking at you. The yellow goes criminally well with the blue of our second suspect, this Mango jacket. This fella's accused of pandering to my boho glam fantasies (tiny silver beads, candy cane embroidery, Rorschach test quilted print - Sienna Miller and I will be BFFs any minute) yet still looking grown up thanks to that Chanel-esque cut. Third in the line up are the pink nails which clash deliciously with the yellow. Yum. Jeans, a white tee and tan sandals serve as a neutral base for my new colourful friends, thus avoiding the whole been-vommed-on-by-a-rainbow thing which would be a bit much for a first time offender like myself. (The crime puns are nearly over, I promise)

Today, I tried something new. It tasted like fun, and youth, and Summer. I hear by find all the primary suspects guilty of being just fabulous, and actually very very wearable.

Case dismissed.


Elizabeth x

Thanks to Fiona Karlin for the photos


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  2. amazeballs- buying this clutch! x

  3. Lucinda, they have it in blue too - it says 'CAUTION' on one side and 'FEELING LUCKY' on the other. Can't say I wasn't tempted to buy both... x

  4. Totally buying both hahaha! Second one sounds like me! x

  5. loove the yellow bag and your jeans :) a really nice and simple outfit girl! xx

  6. thanks, Carmen - your blog is FAB so it's great to hear from you! xx


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