Thursday, 24 April 2014


An ode to Emma Watson and tracksuits.

Sweatshirt: ASOS, Trousers: Zara, Clutch: Zara, Shoes: New Look, Cuff: River Island

Emma Watson has been so on point lately. She never puts a single perfectly-clad-in-Jimmy-Choo foot wrong. I mean, every outfit is like BAM - another one knocked out the ball park! For Pete's sake, the girl has a wardrobe so good she makes me talk in sports metaphors.

'Yeah, alright', I hear you say, 'you can climb out of Hermione's butt now'. But the thing is, I can't. I have a major girl crush on the Watson. And if you're not familiar with the girl crush, it can be broken down like so:
  • 25% we could, like, so be BFFs
  • 15% let's get married, we'll be a power couple greater than Kimye
  • 60% Er. Mah. Gah. Can I just BE YOU?
And who can blame me when she owns the perfect suit? (Saint Laurent - what else?)

Image via

And when she couldn't decide between a dress or trousers for the Golden Globes and thought 'Screw it - I'll wear both and make it Dior couture!'

Image via

So of course, when I saw her in this gorgeous J. Mendel jumpsuit and realised that in my wardrobe I had the tools to approximate this look(!), I jumped, figuratively speaking, for joy.

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For me, personal style develops by taking something you're inspired by (in this case, EW's amazing jumpsuit) and shaking it up by putting your own spin on it. Today, I've opted for a sports luxe twist. Sports luxe is such a great trend because it's super easy to style - it's essentially unexpected sportswear: like joggers in surprising fabrics like silk or leather, or sweatshirts teamed with heels and evening bags. I like it because it's a trend which is self-consciously paradoxical, and thus doesn't take itself too seriously...and it also means you can wear trackies without looking like a slob. Win-win. Though if you're still not sold on the merits of sports luxe, you can rest assured that thanks to Karl Lagerfeld and last month's Chanel Supermarket show, it's not a trend that's going away anytime soon. 

Sports luxe is a great way to rework a formal outfit, as while E-Watz (my answer to R-Patz?) looks killer on the red carpet, it would, alas, be a bit too smart for the kind of events I go to. A sporty twist keeps things fresh and youthful, a notion I'm helping along with my new fave yellow bag (as debuted last week), and clashing lilac nails. An ambiguous ponytail ties in with the sports luxe's 'am I going running or partying - you decide!' aesthetic, and there we have it.

It's a gym-time Mendel, Watson based extravaganza!


Elizabeth x

BIG thanks to Lizzie Goolden for the photos


  1. You look so cool. The ponytail works perfectly for this outfit and I completely agree with your conception of personal style, that was on-point!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (:

    1. Thanks Hen! Means a lot. Really enjoyed exploring your blog, you've got a great aesthetic x

  2. I like this combo a lot, simple and chic.

    heartbeats Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND

    1. Thanks Carola! Been checking out your blog - you've got some great stuff. Will definitely be coming back to Vienna Wedekind! x

  3. looove the combination :) the shoes are not my kinda style but i really like the bag and the sweater :) clean chic! xx


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