Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Coat: Topshop, Bag: River Island, Roll-neck: New Look, Skirt: Topshop, Boots: Office, Necklace: gift, Watch: Amazon, Rings: Accessorize

Before we start, I feel it is important to inform/warn you that my understanding of blogging, rather like my understanding of the rules to Deal or No Deal, can be summarised by the photo below.

All I'm saying is, I apologise for any technical screw-ups. What I do not apologise for however, is the hair. Because I'll be honest, I've had mixed reactions to the milkmaid braid - my personal favourite being, "You're a pair of lederhosen away from being the eighth child in the Sound of Music". But you know what, I'm totally down with that. There's a sort of innocent, folkloric charm to both Sister Maria and the milkmaid braid which I often feel is lacking in life. So if a hairdo can evoke carefree children romping about Austria in curtains, then all the better for it.

Less Austrian-folk-chic is the rest of the outfit, but I still think it's an appropriate look for my first blog post. This is because, at the risk (or hope?) of sounding like Miss Piggy, it's very 'moi'. This is for three reasons:
1. Black. (I wear quite a lot of black. Is this because a) black is timelessly chic and endlessly wearable, or b) I'm just a miserable bugger? The jury's still out on this one.)
2. Gold jewellery. (I love wearing gold. It's warm, it's glitzy... My rings are cheap and have left green mottled stains on my fingers but IT'S WORTH IT)
3. The Green Coat. (A pop - or explosion - of colour to any outfit. Also known with an unnatural amount of affection as 'my baby'. Those of you who have seen me at all over the past four months will know that this has been my Winter staple... Literally. The thing comes off so rarely it  may as well have been attached by glue gun.)

It may be the case that the croc and snake prints on my skirt and bag are more reminiscent of Cruella De Vil than Sister Maria, but I love them anyway. These were both January sales finds, and they've proven to be great purchases. The bag is River Island (I don't usually rate their clothes, but they're good on bags) and is one of those fabulous items which you can practically pack your life into and still look like you've got your shit together. The skirt is Topshop and is a wonderful so-called 'day-to-night' piece. You can either style it like I have here with a cosy roll-neck and boots, or you could get all fancy and pair it with heels and a crop top for the evening. The faux leather croc print is glam and eye-catching enough for going out, but it's in a muted enough colour for day wear. 'Ooh, versatility!', I hear you cry - and you'd be right.

So yes. This is an outfit. That's me wearing it. These are my musings on it.

And so my first blog post comes to an end.


Elizabeth x

(Is this my even douchier answer to Gossip Girl's 'XOXO Gossip Girl'? Quite possibly.)

BIG thanks to Olive Cooke for the images

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